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Cedar is known for being one of the strongest woods, so it goes to say that cedar roofing is durable and hard-wearing. Cedar’s strength helps strengthen your home’s structure and cedar has a natural preservative that helps the wood resister moisture damage and rot.

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Cedar Shake and Shingles Peterborough

Cedar roofing has an aesthetic charm that can help increase the curb appeal of any home. This is why there are so many synthetic roofing products that are made to look like cedar shake and shingles available in the market. No matter if you are choosing the smooth lines of a cedar shingle or the traditionally rugged look of cedar shake, your home will be covered with a luxury roofing material. Cedar roofing acts like a second layer of insulation on top of your home. This due to cedars outstanding thermal insulation properties. Considering most homes lose a lot of heat through their roof, cedar shingles and shake can help reduce the cost of your energy bills.
Cedar Shake and Shingles Peterborough

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