What Are the Benefits of a New Roof?

What Are the Benefits of a New Roof?

Your roofing system’s main function is to protect your home from the elements and potential pests that try to get it. From this standpoint, a major benefit of replacing your roof is that your home will be better protected from the elements and pests, as the new materials and new installation is better suited to protecting your home. A new roof however, does a lot more for your home than just offering increased protection.

Here are few other benefits a new roof offers that you may not have considered:

Offers a Good Return on Investment

When considering what home improvement projects provide a good ROI, kitchens and bathrooms tend to come to mind. However, a new roofing system also provides a good financial return. If you are considering listing your home for sale in the next few years, a new roof is considered an excellent selling feature as potential buyers don’t want to have to worry about replacing a roof on a home they just purchased.

A premium roofing system such as a metal roof offers a greater ROI than asphalt shingles, but even a newly shingled home is estimated to provide about a 70% return.

Substantial Energy Savings

Energy efficiency is a focus across all areas of home improvement as increased energy efficiency means reduced energy costs and a more comfortable home environment. Your roof plays a big role in controlling how much heat gets into your home in the warmer months and how much escapes in the colder months. Newer roofing materials have been designed to help control your home’s climate and help reduce your energy consumption. Considering your last roof was probably installed 20+ years ago, your energy efficiency rating will surely increase with a new roof.

New Exterior Aesthetic

With the installation of a new roof comes the ability to change the look of your home, it can be the subtle improvement of just having a new cleaner, perfectly smooth roof or it can be a drastic change like changing the colour, material and design.

A New Roof Warranty

A defective roof can lead to major issues and extensive damage to your home. A new roofing system comes with a warranty against any defects. This provides a piece of mind that if a piece of your new roof lifts or has any issues, you are covered under the warranty. Always review the warranty on your new roof, look for length of protection and what is covered.

At Super Roofers we believe that all homeowners deserve the very best for any home improvement project. This is why our roofing specialists only use high-quality materials and make sure all of our installers are professionally trained and have the experience to expertly install all types of roofing systems, including metal and architectural shingles.

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